De Wit Forged Tools hand forged in Holland

Planting trowel X-treme   Planting trowel "welldone"   Planting trowel small X-treme   Planting trowel with oval handgrip  
Planting trowel X-treme > Planting trowel "welldone"  > Planting trowel small X-treme > Planting trowel with oval handgrip > 
Rock 'n Root Planter Trowel   Rockery trowel   Transplant trowel   Transplant Trowel X-treme  
Rock 'n Root Planter Trowel > Rockery trowel > Transplant trowel  > Transplant Trowel X-treme > 
Potting trowel   Serrated trowel with handgrip   Snake tongue trowel   Tulip-shape Planter Trowel  
Potting trowel > Serrated trowel with handgrip > Snake tongue trowel > Tulip-shape Planter Trowel > 
Victorian Trowel   VictorianTrowel large   Crocus bulbplanter - 140mm   Crocus bulbplanter - 750mm  
Victorian Trowel > VictorianTrowel large > Crocus bulbplanter - 140mm > Crocus bulbplanter - 750mm > 
Daffodil bulbplanter   Tulip bulbplanter   Two handle bulbplanter   Dibber - Brass Tip  
Daffodil bulbplanter  > Tulip bulbplanter > Two handle bulbplanter > Dibber - Brass Tip > 
Dibber metal point   Gardenscoop   Gardenscoop 140mm   Handfork "welldone" 140mm  
Dibber metal point  > Gardenscoop > Gardenscoop 140mm > Handfork "welldone" 140mm > 
Jekyll 2 prong fork   Handfork large   Handfork large X-treme   Handfork Round X-treme  
Jekyll 2 prong fork > Handfork large > Handfork large X-treme > Handfork Round X-treme > 
Handfork small  3 prong   Handfork small X-treme   Handfork with oval handgrip   Mini Fork Bulldog  
Handfork small 3 prong > Handfork small X-treme > Handfork with oval handgrip > Mini Fork Bulldog > 
Mini Spade Bulldog   Perennial Planter   Plant Spade   Cape Cod weeder left handed  
Mini Spade Bulldog > Perennial Planter > Plant Spade > Cape Cod weeder left handed > 
Cape Cod weeder right handed   3 tine Cultivator 140mm   Cultivator 3 tine with oval handgrip   5 tine Cultivator - 140mm  
Cape Cod weeder right handed > 3 tine Cultivator 140mm > Cultivator 3 tine with oval handgrip > 5 tine Cultivator - 140mm > 
5 tine Cultivator - 750mm   Dutch handhoe 12cm 140mm   Stealth Handhoe   Heartshaped handhoe  
5 tine Cultivator - 750mm  > Dutch handhoe 12cm 140mm > Stealth Handhoe > Heartshaped handhoe  > 
Onion handhoe   Handrake forged 3 tine 140mm   Handrake forged 5 tine 140mm   Mini Heartshaped Handhoe  
Onion handhoe > Handrake forged 3 tine 140mm > Handrake forged 5 tine 140mm > Mini Heartshaped Handhoe > 
Heartshaped handhoe forged 140mm   Ninja Aerator   Ninja cultivator   Ninja onion hoe  
Heartshaped handhoe forged 140mm > Ninja Aerator > Ninja cultivator > Ninja onion hoe > 
Onion Hoe   Weedpopper   Bio cultivator 2 tine   Bio cultivator 3 tine  
Onion Hoe > Weedpopper > Bio cultivator 2 tine > Bio cultivator 3 tine > 
Bio daisy grubber   Bio Handrake 5-tine   Bio Onion Handhoe   Bio V groove cleaner  
Bio daisy grubber > Bio Handrake 5-tine > Bio Onion Handhoe > Bio V groove cleaner > 
Bio weed fork   Bio weeder   Buxus Shears   Daisy Grubber  
Bio weed fork > Bio weeder > Buxus Shears > Daisy Grubber > 
Garden Disc  - 140mm   Garden Disc - 750mm   Corkscrew Weeder - 400mm   Corkscrew Weeder - 800mm  
Garden Disc - 140mm > Garden Disc - 750mm > Corkscrew Weeder - 400mm > Corkscrew Weeder - 800mm > 
Thistle Cutter   English spade with steps 750mm   English transplant spade with steps   Shark tine spade  
Thistle Cutter > English spade with steps 750mm > English transplant spade with steps > Shark tine spade > 
Shark tine spade with steps   English Border spade   Drainage Spade   Transplant Spade - solid socket - 750mm  
Shark tine spade with steps > English Border spade > Drainage Spade  > Transplant Spade - solid socket - 750mm > 
English Transplant spade   Garden fork 3 prong   Potato fork 3 prong   Potato fork 4 prong  
English Transplant spade > Garden fork 3 prong > Potato fork 3 prong > Potato fork 4 prong > 
Weeding Fork 2 prong   Chelsea Hoe   Canterbury Hoe - 3 tines   Oxford hoe 5 tines  
Weeding Fork 2 prong > Chelsea Hoe > Canterbury Hoe - 3 tines > Oxford hoe 5 tines > 
Round eye hoe narrow   Round eye hoe wide   Bow tine rake   Grelinette  
Round eye hoe narrow > Round eye hoe wide > Bow tine rake  > Grelinette > 

Forged Steel Tools by De Wit

Forged Steel Tools by De Wit

Forged steel tools are the toughest. Carbon steel is by nature far stronger than stainless steel, and in the high heat process used in shaping the tools it toughens even more, for life long use and durability.

Since 1898, the De Wit family have been making gardening and agricultural tools from carbon steel in their foundry in the north of Holland.

These hand forged steel tools, of the highest quality and strength, are the very best that money can buy, and the De Wit name is renowned throughout the gardening world.

Each design possesses a specific carbon-steel content depending on its use. The blades are hand forged with a tapered edge. They slice into the soil with tremendous ease and self sharpen as you dig and work, so always stay sharp and effective for the toughest of soils.

The hardwood handles are made of european ash, which is oiled and turned for a smooth and very comfortable grip, for tough gardening without discomfort.

De Wit are confident that you will keep using their tools forever, and they offer a lifetime guarantee.

The De Wit range of gardening tools have been designed and developed over many years. Classic designs that were being made 4 generations ago have been enhanced to modern standards. The burnished forged steel, the craftsmanship and design all recall the bye-gone era when tools were made to last. De Wit's tools will continue to last a lifetime and beyond.



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