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Anduze - Contemporain

Anduze  - Contemporain

The contemporary collection of Anduze pottery is a relatively new addition to the ranges offered by potteries in this region. These 'new classics' are made using the same terracotta clay and same traditional artisan techniques in hand finishing and glaze colours, although each year one sees new trends in colour and texture being applied. The now new classic 'A'- line straight-sided round pots in a wide range of colours offer the designer simple uncomplicated forms, yet formal elegance. These large planters are ideal for exterior planting for small trees and shrubs on terraces, urban landscaping, and interior design use, at entrances to buildings or simply used a single focal point at the end of garden path.

The new materials used include grey terracotta clay mixed with other natural materials to give a robust and heavy stone finish. The beautiful wide large bowl hand finished with a dab design makes a stunning water feature or just as a simple bowl for planting. All the terracotta pots are fired to very high temperatures in the kilns (over 1200°C) and slowly cooled down after firing, so extremely robust and strong against the winter elements. However it always advised not to place glazed terracotta in very exposed positions where long spells of cold and frost can impact on the glaze shedding naturally due to the vases becoming saturated with frozen moisture which expands and 'pops' off the glaze particles. Hence the traditional antica finish that the Anduze potteries have perfected, which is the natural ageing of the terracotta vases of by-gone years that you can still find in brocantes and antique shops in the south of France (at vastly more expensive prices than here!)



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