Philip Simmonds

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Philip Simmonds

Philip Simmonds

Philip Simmonds is well known as a leading British ceramist and designer of stunning sculptural vases and pots on a large scale.
His work is now found in large private and public gardens, landscapes and interiors worldwide. People who already know his work speak of his creations as intrinsically -calming”, and -peaceful”. These pots can only bring serenity and beauty to any situation whether in a garden, on a terrace or in an interior space.

Philip is inspired by all things architectural, landscape forms and garden styles. His glaze palette reflects the quintessential colours of classic English weather with its beautiful and ever changing spectrum of cloud and sky colours.

Philip Simmonds uses a mixture of English clays to make stoneware clay, which is ideal for making large pots, as the mix is very strong and versatile. The pots are all built and made by hand, and then fired to 1260°C. This ensures that the final ceramic pot is impervious to water penetration and therefore completely frost proof. None of Philip's pots have ever suffered frost damage, including, one occasion in a garden in Germany, when his pots were unaffected by a prolonged winter freeze which reached –20°C.
All measurements are approximate. Philip's ceramics are hand made from start to finish, and glaze, textures and measurements may vary individually, making each piece a unique work of art.



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